It started with socks

A few days ago there was a wonderful post about socks at Tears Run South. Well, not so much about the socks themselves as how the author is particular about mismatching them. The commentary filled up with all of these delightful submissions from readers with their own peccadillos. Today, Ellen over at ellenbest24 continued the theme with her own post.

In the grand bloggery tradition of jumping on a neat idea, I figured I’d do one of my own.

I hold on to the bed when I go to sleep. Specifically, I must have a hand on the edge of the bed or I won’t fall asleep. It all started when I was just a wee laddie sleeping on the top bunk in the room I shared with my older brother. You see, me and he had busted the bed rail during a full-out rumpus and propped it back in place to hide the crime. We even got away with it for a few weeks.

A few weeks of terror! Every night when I went to bed I knew that there was absolutely nothing to save me from a five foot somnolent drop to my death. Out of self preservation I slept as far away from the drop of doom as possible, hugging up against the opposite rail and holding on to the edge of the mattress so I knew I was safe.

Now decades later, as a (passably) mature adult, you will still find me attached to the edge of the bed.

What fun oddities do you have?


7 thoughts on “It started with socks

  1. Ha! Ha! I love this blog jumping. I too had bunk beds that taught me to stay close to the wall as my sister on the top one would spit down on me if she could see me from above. Now I never sleep next to the wall, or in bunk beds… I’d rather the floor.

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  2. Fear of toilets. Since I read Stephen King’s ‘It’ back in the 80’s.
    Clowns disturb me as well.
    Speaking of, I just realized why I have a fear of entering a particular store in Trinidad called Pennywise…..

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