Q) When will X be published?
A) This is my first go-round for self publishing so my planning is subject to heavy revision as I figure things out. That said, I am planning to distribute Weavers in Q1 2016, with Ninja at Law and Unseen following in 2-3 month increments. Makers will likely be towards the end of the year.

Q) Can I get it for free? Will you be offering ERCs or ARCs (Early/Advance Reader Copy)?
A1) I’ll be doing various marketing promotions and there will almost certainly be runs where the early books are free. 
A2) I’ll have an early reader feedback cycle for each completed first draft and will be offering ARCs in exchange for honest reviews prior to publication.

Q) What genre is your story?
A) Multiple. There are three ages in the complete story arc. The first age is near future sci-fi, the second is steampunk noir and the third is magic and fantasy. The story begins in the third age and ends in the second.

Q) Why are you starting in your world’s third age?
A) I’m experimenting a bit with non-linear storytelling and that’s where the story itself is established.

Q) How many books are you planning?
A) Three for each age. The first book of each age will be an intro novelette that ideally will stand on its own. The second two books in each age should be substantially longer.

Q) Will it be printed?
A) Maybe? This is a whole big ball of question for me at the moment. I know I will commission at least a limited run for myself and to promote the books but whether they will be generally available in print depends on things I am largely ignorant about now.

Q) So will you publish NAL before Makers?
A) Yes. The first book in each age won’t depend on any other books so could really come in any order. I will publish the first book of each age before Makers.

Q) What is your audience? Who are you writing for?
A) Me. I’m writing stories that appeal to me. That’s why the project overall spans so many genres. I have ideas for all of them and found a way to fit them elegantly into one overall story.

Q) But who is your target audience?
A) I’d originally planned on a gritty story, in the vein of Martin’s Game of Thrones. The story didn’t pan out that way though so what’s written so far fits better comparing to young adult fiction. The series overall should appeal to people who enjoyed Harry Potter, Divergent or Hunger Games.

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