This is my take on the Bloody Mary curse. As fairy tale’d.


Maire sat in her abject emptiness, waiting, waiting, waiting, for her hero. Somebody would free her, it had been promised. So many had come to challenge the curse, all had failed. But Maire knew that some day there would be one who would rescue her. It was fated. It was foretold. Some day there would be one strong enough to release her. Strong enough to face the unquenchable fears of their own selves, strong enough to face the horror of their own being, strong enough to set her free.

“I curse you, Maire of the Vale. I curse you once, twice, thrice. I curse you and all that look upon you. Naught shall you see but yourself and never shall you see the Laird of life nor death.” Continue reading “Mirrors”


Hunting Todd

This short was written and published in 2003 in a now-defunct horror zine. Hmm…hope that wasn’t my fault. Anywho, it has a multi-option ending that I really liked. Think “choose your own adventure” meets the Brothers Grimm. Part 1 is the common body and parts 2-4 are the different conclusions. Does Todd escape? Does Terry finally achieve his elusive goal? Only you can decide.

(#3 is my favorite) Continue reading “Hunting Todd”