Weavers ERF is out the door

To my very great relief I’ve recovered my Scrivener file and all of that crunchy metadata. The compiled Weavers (Ages of the Seed, vol 1) draft is out for Early Reader Feedback.

Technology is grand again. Yay!

ERFs aren’t editing or reviewing. The purpose is to give the author feedback on strengths and weaknesses so they can properly target portions of the story that need work during the 2nd (editing) draft.

Weavers is a 16k word fantasy/adventure novelette introducing the main characters and world of the series’ 3rd age. If you are interested in participating in the ERF just send me an anything (email / comment / contact form / IM / carrier pigeon) with the email you want me to send it to.


Call for action – Early Reader Feedback (ERF) needed for Weavers draft

I will be ready to distribute the 1st draft of Weavers (Ages of the Seed, Vol 1) for early reader feedback by Friday 11/27.

The purpose of early reader feedback is to give basic impressions on story, plotlines, characters and environments before I begin the extensive second draft of the work. Continue reading “Call for action – Early Reader Feedback (ERF) needed for Weavers draft”