About Ages of The Seed

Ages of the Seed is a (planned) 9 book adventure series covering 3 future ages of an Earth with slightly twisted physics. The first book in each age will be a novella length story introducing the primary characters and the particulars of that world. Following books in each series will be more traditional novel length books.

Third Age (fantasy)

  • Weavers: (1st draft complete) Science has become magic in a future age where mighty forces strive to save reality, or destroy it. A young woman defined by vengeance finds herself challenged by an unlikely ally – the man she marked for death.
  • Makers: (1st draft in process) Tam al Tan turns from her path of vengeance to support her new allies but finds their struggles pit her again against the forces of Inquisition yet again.
  • Harpers

First Age (sci-fi / comedy)

  • Ninja at Law: (1st draft complete) Life at the tail end of the 24th cee is fairly righteous. The advent of Stringtech mere centuries ago revolutionized the world. Hunger and disease are concepts of the past. Free energy is here for the taking of it and mankind enjoys an unprecedented period of largess, peace and growth. Tobe Sparkles is about to fuck all that up.
  • A Pirate’s Life for We: (Plotted) Captured by his lifelong enemies, the love of his life spirited away, and only weeks away from the destruction of his world. Tobe Sparkles is having an interesting day.
  • Modern Conventions

Second Age (post-apocalypse / steampunk noir)

  • Unseen: (1st draft in process) Life is fairly good for Daeven. Deep in the Burrows he has food, shelter and community; a quality of life that he had thought unattainable. But there is a shadow hanging over him. A Darkness that lies in his mind, ever watchful, ever waiting.
  • Unheard
  • Unspoken