Chapter Art

When I was a kid I devoured science fiction. L’Engle, Asimov, Bradbury, Chalker, Heinlein… I could fill up an entire post with these names but I think you get the picture.

Something that was very common with those older works but is rarely seen now was chapter art. I loved these little greetings, these foreshadows by woodcut.

I am planning to have chapter art in each of the Ages of the Seed books, and the style of it will vary by the genre of the books. Weavers is a fantasy setting and my illustrator (the incomparable Mareta Pettigrew, who still needs an artist’s page so I can send people her way when I brag about her) is doing pencil/ink drawings reminiscent of those old timey woodcuts.

Below is the art for the first chapter of Weavers. I love the feel of it and how it sets up the scene so well.

What do you think of chapter art? Do you miss it as much as I do?

Weavers_PateMeetsTam (2)


4 thoughts on “Chapter Art

    1. That’s great! Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.

      Yup, I wanted it to look somewhat familiar and set the tone for the book as a past age. Even though it’s set in the future it’s a fantasy tale so I wanted that “old world” feel.

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