The good, the bad, the ugly, the other bad, the irritating, etc…

The bad news: Desktop is dead.
The other bad news: I didn’t back up my Scrivener file for Ages of the Seed (that’s all of the books I’m working on)*.
The irritating news: Best Buy does not actually carry anything any longer to actually work on a PC.
The good news: Finally got my new desk set up.
The other good news: Got Scrivener to work on Alana’s laptop.
The happy news: Found what I need to recover the desktop hard-drive for under $10 on Amazon.

Trying to work on AOS without my Scrivener metadata is maddening. I’ll be doing some fairy tale conversions for insertion purposes until I get my meta back (probably Tuesday).

* Totally know how stupid this was. Already heard all of the comments, mostly from myself.


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