Call for action – Early Reader Feedback (ERF) needed for Weavers draft

I will be ready to distribute the 1st draft of Weavers (Ages of the Seed, Vol 1) for early reader feedback by Friday 11/27.

The purpose of early reader feedback is to give basic impressions on story, plotlines, characters and environments before I begin the extensive second draft of the work.

The ideal early readers for Weavers are:

  • Fantasy fiction / adventure fans. Weavers is suitable to a YA audience.
  • NOT already participating in the Ninja at Law ERF. I’m looking for fresh looks into the world and NAL early readers already know a bunch of stuff.
  • Able to read a 16k novelette beginning 11/27 and provide topical feedback by 12/11.
  • Be accepting of praise and thanks and my mention of same in the foreword when the book goes to print.

If you would like to participate please give me a holler. Just fill out the contact form and let me know where to send the draft pdf.

Thanks, y’all!


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