The Somnolence of Clouds

This is an erotic short story from 2003. It came about from an argument with a friend over the difference between pornography and erotica. My argument was that erotica should not only titillate, it should entertain. If there’s no story there then it isn’t really erotic. I was challenged to show what I meant and this was the result.

Just in case it needs to be said, this story has explicit sexual content.


She had been staring out of the window entranced by the formations of the clouds, so engrossed that she did not even hear him enter her office or the soft “snick” as he locked the door. She let out a startled gasp as his fingers caressed her shoulder and brought her attention snapping back to reality. “I’ve been waiting” she said petulantly. “I didn’t think you were going to come.”

“Shhhh” he replied as he softly laid a finger across her lips. “I am here now.” He took her hands in his own and raised her to her feet where they embraced fiercely. She buried her face in his strong shoulder, holding him tightly as if to reassure herself that he was real and here in her arms at last. “God, it’s been too long. I’ve missed you so much. When you didn’t show up on time I thought that maybe…” Again he placed a finger lightly on her lips and whispered “Shhhh. We’ve talked for months. Now is a time for other things.”

His finger traced a line down her chin and further down her long neck. He bent his head and kissed her softly. The smell of him filled her. He smelled of sunshine, amber, and wild animals. Long travels and pine needles. But mostly she smelled him. That clean, strong, musky scent that was uniquely him. A scent she had missed with a core of her heart, even if she had not realized the loss until smelling it again now.

His tongue slid tentatively past her lips. Slowly and carefully as if it feared rejection. As if she could ever reject him! She answered his probe firmly, emboldening him, reassuring him. She tasted his hunger and need and felt her own body respond, a tightening and warmth that began spreading out from her center. She let out a little gasp as his hand slowly slid up her side leaving a trail of electric sensation behind it and she sighed as it came to rest on her breast, his thumb making lazy circles around her instantly hard nipple.

His other hand slowly pulled her blouse out of her skirt and began unbuttoning it. She moved her hands to help him but he shook his head. This he wanted to do himself. She ran her hands through his hair and encircled his neck, bringing their faces together. Their kiss became furious as he undid her last button and slid his hand inside the silken garment. He traced little patterns of pleasure over her bare skin as he worked his hand under the strap of her slip and slid it and the blouse off of her shoulder, baring her breast to the air and his skillful ministrations. As his fingers teased her bare nipple his lips began a journey down her chin and neck to her bosom. He alternated tiny kisses with flicks of his tongue and gentle bites that gave her goosebumps and sent a delightful chill up her spine.

She let out another gasp of pleasure as his tongue reached her nipple, swirling around the areola and then flicking against her hard nib. He ran his hands down her arms, sliding her blouse and slip completely off as he took her nipple in his mouth, sucking softly and rubbing it against his teeth with his tongue. His strong hands then gripped her waist and lifted her gently to sit on the edge of her desk as he sat in her chair before her, never once stopping his mouth’s lucious voyage over her breasts. His tongue traced circles around her nipples as his hands slid up her sides to once more fondle and tease. She felt the first stirrings inside her and sudden wetness between her thighs.

She let out a soft moan of dissapointment as his mouth left her nipple and his hands slid once again from her breasts but it was only momentary as he now traced a path of nibbles to her neck. She threw her head back, exulting in his nuzzles and kisses and moaned again, in anticipation this time, as his hands slowly separated her legs. His fingers explored her legs, running up and down her hips then her thighs, sliding inside and slowly approaching her hot center. But he did not explore there. Each time he approached, closer and closer but at the last moment his hands would teasingly turn away to stroke elsewhere. And all this time his lips, teeth and tongue were running wild over her face, her ears, her neck, her breasts. Each time his hands approached her pussy she felt herself clench in expectation only to shudder as they moved away again but each revolution caused a deeper clench and a harder shudder.

She realized what was happening and fought against the orgasm, she wanted him inside her when she came. But it was too late and the sensations were too powerful. With his mouth back on her breasts and his teasing fingers once again approaching her pussy the orgasm caught her and she fell back on the desk, shaking and moaning as waves of tense pleasure wracked through her body. She was lost for minutes as the orgasm coursed through her.

When she recovered she realized that she was truly nude now. He had stripped off her skirt and panties and even her stockings as she lay trembling through the orgasm. He was between her legs now, only his head visible as he softly kissed her inner thighs. As the shaking remnants of the orgasm faded, he bent to taste her sex. His tongue traced the path that his teasing fingers had previously traveled but this time she was rewarded as the kisses continued to her aching pussy. His tongue slid lovingly up and down her wet folds and his hands resumed their wandering caresses of her hips, thighs, belly and breasts. She moaned again as he took her clitoris in his lips, holding it with velvet softness as his tongue flicked softly against it.

His hands ran down her body to the center of her pleasure. With one thumb he gently stroked her engorged clitoris while his tongue played with her folds. She groaned deeply as fingers from his other hand separated her inner lips and finally slid into her vagina. Almost immediately she felt the rocking tension of another orgasm building and she cried out “No! Please. Oh, please. I want you inside me.”

He seemed to not hear her, so deep was he lost in pleasuring her, and her moaning was interspersed with increasingly desperate pleading as she felt the immense inevitability of another orgasmic wave approaching. Just as she thought she would burst he suddenly rose up, bending over and forcing his tongue deep into her mouth as he guided his hard cock deep inside her. The orgasm was instantaneous and heartbreakingly powerful. She rocked and bucked against him, feeling her vagina clenching at him uncontrollably as he thrust strongly into her. She begged him to stop – it was too much – but he ignored her pleas, timing his thrusts to the shudders and spasms of her orgasm, building it up and up again, promising more and more until tears fell from her eyes as she reached a final climax and then truly could take no more.

Shuddering and shaking, her muscles refusing to obey her, she backed up on the desk. He would not let her go, holding her hips firmly and keeping himself buried deeply inside her, though he no longer moved within her. When the animal instinct to flee has subsided and she began to relax again, he released her hips and massaged her as she rode through the remnants of the orgasm. She felt incredible heat all over her body and looking down saw a massive red flush to her skin. She felt completely spent, unable to move, but her lover had not come. She tried to squeeze his cock with her pussy but could not make her muscles obey. He saw her effort and smiled. “Relax, my love” he said and slowly slid out of her.

He helped her to stand on shaking legs as he himself sat down. He turned her around to face away from him and then supported her as her trembling legs forced her to follow him to the chair. He guided her into position as she fell down to him and she was once again divinely impaled, her legs straddling his as she sat on him in the chair. His hands resumed their exploration of her body, pulling her back to relax against his chest as she sighed in total relaxed contentment. His hips moved, slowly and shallowly, moving him in and out of her in tiny increments. His hands massaged her aching thighs, her pulsing breasts. His lips kissed her neck and nibbled her ear as his cock slid in and out of her in incremental pleasure.

One hand moved between her legs again and began stroking her in time to his little thrusts. Softly and slowly he teased her clitoris out of its hiding spot and his other hand joined in to rub her swollen lips and perineum. She moaned deeply again as she felt the almost too familiar sensation building inside her. She bore down on him, surprising him with her return to mobility. He gasped in pleasure as she gripped the chair arms and levered herself up to then fall back down on him. She was too weakened and her muscles too trembly to continue for long but she did not have to. She knew the precise moment when she brought him past the point where he could still hold back and she smiled as he stood up, supporting her with his hands on her hips as he moved her over the desk and bent her across it.

His groans were matched by her moans and he thrust deeply and smoothly into her. She felt one hand on her shoulder and the other on her hip as he pulled her back hard to meet each increasingly fierce thrust. She grabbed the other edge of the desk with one hand to keep herself in position, to help him to use her body as a lever. Her other hand slipped down her belly and between her legs and she softly gripped his balls. It was the final straw and she grimaced as his final thrusts drove her legs into the side of the desk and then moaned to match him as she felt the power of his orgasm coursing through her and his last desperate thrusts brought her own orgasm to match it.

It seemed a small eternity as he stood there, deeply inside her, rocking slightly as his seed filled her and began spilling out. He slid out of her again and sat back in the waiting chair, guiding her once again to straddle him, this time so they could face each other. Having him inside her again so soon was almost unbearable, her pussy was so oversensitized, but she knew the lovemaking was over for now. Now he just held her tightly against him, embracing and kissing her and whispering soft words of endearment into her ear.

“Ma’am” he said. What an odd thing to say, she thought as she nuzzled against his neck.

“Ma’am” he said again, more insistently. “Why are you calling me that?” she asked.

“Ma’am!” he said once more, quite forcefully and shaking her shoulder. “What!” she said, now getting irritated.

“The captain has turned on the fasten seat belt sign, ma’am. You’ll need to return your tray table and seat to their upright positions. We’re almost ready to land, ma’am.”

She opened her eyes and felt the warmth of her lover slip away like the dream that he was. She yawned hugely and blinked a few times to try to clear her vision. She turned to the amused flight attendant. “Of course. Landing, right” she said “Sorry, I must have dozed off there.”

“No problem at all, ma’am. Did you have a pleasant dream?”

Her lips formed a smile almost against her will and a gleam entered her eye. “It was fantastic. The best I’ve ever had.”


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