I’m wondering if this happens to other writers. I will get entire chapters of my book springing into my head at the oddest moments. Fully formed, where about all I have to do is regurgitate it. It’s usually not when I’m writing or even thinking about writing and is usually not about the part of the story I am currently focused on.

Ninja at Law was about 70% complete for initial draft. I was on a conference call and the end of the book just popped into my head. Three chapters worth. I jotted down some quick notes but spent the rest of the day terrified I was going to forget it before I could dump it out.

So then I had a book 85% complete but missing the fourth fifth. I struggled a bit figuring out how to connect what was written because the ending that sprang forth didn’t quite match where I had been heading. Eating dinner last night the missing part surged out with an elegant solution that not only matched up the separated parts but retroactively added two character arcs I hadn’t realized I was building.

Am I just lucking out here or is this a thing that happens?


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