Planning all the things

Working on a multi-book series with four of them in process at the same time I find it critical to have a plan. There’s no better way that I’ve found to keep things sorted and focus my time where it most needs to be. As a project manager this should be pretty easy for me but I am finding it to be very difficult due to my ignorance about publishing and the editing process.

I don’t know how long a lot of things are going to take.

Estimate draft time is fairly easy. I know I average around 1,000 words an hour for fresh content. That includes on the fly research, spot editing and re-reading for context and vocabulary. I know about how long each book should be. A little math computes these times nicely.

But how long will it take me to do my second edits? At the moment it looks like I will be doing my own development edits and possibly copy edits as well. I know that’s not ideal but financial reality is a thing. How long will those edits take? I have only the fluffiest target clouds at this point.

Taking the later stage estimates with a grain of salt (or a tablespoon of it, we’ll find out later), here’s the summary of where I am and where I hope to be getting:



9 thoughts on “Planning all the things

      1. National Novel Writing Month. It’s an annual challenge each November to draft a new 50,000 word novel. This was the first time I participated and I recommend giving it a go. It really helped to keep my focus on new content.

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