I’ve crossed 40,000

I did it today instead of yesterday as I’d expected, but I crossed 40,000 words for #NaNoWriMo. That feels pretty cool. I was writing before NaNo and I’ll be continuing after it, but having that constant goal for new words has shown me I can continue writing new things.

The story for Ages of the Seed is continuing to develop. When I hit a recent bit I kept at it and resolved it. For the story I was supposed to be writing instead of editing a different story like I really wanted to.

I see encouragement all over the place for NaNo and it really is a big help. If nothing else it’s a constant reminder that you could be writing.

So thanks to all of the people who are continuing to cheer on the WriMos. You rock!

And to all of us who are still working at it, what the hell are you doing reading blogs? Get back to writing! ;-P


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