Fiction is Life – #1


Centenarian veteran of a famous battle dies.


Write your own story/short/article/poem/etc and link to this post so others can see what you did. If you don’t have a blog, just post the link in the comments and I’ll stick it in here manually.


Fiction is life. Life is fiction. News is both.

The greatest stories are ones that reflect, expand and help us define the things that are actually happening in our world, or those things that could happen. Things that we can relate to.

Things that are real.

Each Tuesday I will take a headline story (local, national, global, historical, who knows?)  and deconstruct it to its base elements.

That will be the prompt. You will tell the story.

Each next Tuesday I’ll post the news story that created the previous week’s prompt as I post the next story prompt headline.

It’s not a contest but every participant wins a prize. (Metaphorically speaking, yo. You wrote a story, that’s a win. I’m not handing out candy bars. Unless you’re in Atlanta, then you can stop by for a Snickers.)

There is no deadline. Going through the archives and see a prompt that speaks to you? Do it. It’s still applicable.

There’s no word limit, no length goal, no mandated writing style. Want to do a short story? A simulated news article? Fantasy/Sci-fi/YA/Noir/anyothergenre? Parable? Fairy Tale? 6 word story? Twitterspeak? Poem? All is good.

It’s about writing things that relate to reality, and making our writing more realistic and relatable as a result.


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