Writer’s block remediation – POV shift

I’m fairly lucky in that I don’t run into writer’s block very often. Generally I have the opposite problem – I can’t get things down fast enough and I lose them. That said, I do still get it from time to time. I’ll know where the story is going but have no idea how to get there, or I’ll have written myself into a corner and can’t see a handy window to crawl out of.

Like every other writer I have my arsenal of weapons ready to launch hale and hearty combat against the WB monster. One of the most effective for me is a POV shift.

Take the last scene, or the next one, and write it from an unexpected perspective. If your narrative is a 1st person adventure, let the hero sit for a bit and examine the story through the eyes of the villain’s henchman. Take the least defined character in a group and see what things look like to them.

For me this will not only spear the WB right through its black heart, it also opens up entirely new parts of the story. Even if the exercise never gets into the manuscript it adds depth and flavor to the story in my head, and that works its way onto the paper through richness and negative space storytelling.

What weapons do you wield when the WB comes haunting?


8 thoughts on “Writer’s block remediation – POV shift

  1. The husband wishes’ I am sure’ that I’d get talkers block…
    But alas I never do. I never ever admit to WB though it has been known for me to get procrastinators dysentery, A nasty business it is too. When this comes over me I can be found on twitter, playing scrabble word type games and even *whispers* ironing… so if it overcomes me I kid myself Blogging snippets of stuff, answering posts, micro poetry and Scrabbling and Writers Carnival are all words ,therefore count as writing so Wallah! Cured!
    “Bugger I will never do the ironing again” *chortle*
    Great post, thank you.

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  2. Oh, I’m a nonsense writer! I’ll keep going with having the characters do something mundane like shopping or going out for dinner. I’ll describe their purchases, their meal selection, etc. until I get past whatever I was stuck on. I like the POV shift idea. And unlike my filler, you have something worth keeping!


      1. Finally! I’ve been trying to change the bloody thing since I started this blog. Snoozebob (the old avatar) retired a half decade ago with my old blogs.

        The new one is from this Halloween. Like my Giamo Casanunda wig? I’ve kept it out for daily use because there’s nothing that embarrasses teenagers more than a dad in an outrageous wig. 😉

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