This used to be awesome. Why does it suck now?

So I have gone back to my draft of Weavers, to refresh myself in preparation to incorporate a bunch of dialogue written separately. When I finished the draft a month ago it was the best thing I’d ever written. Somehow in the weeks since then it became a pile of suck.

I am beginning to see why they recommend letting draft 1 sit for a while before you go back to it. I see so much in there that needs fixing that I didn’t recognize while writing it.

Now I’m trying to resist editing the whole thing while I work in the dialogues.

Weavers cover art nearly complete, so SQUEEEE!!!

Just got an update from my illustrator, the amazing Mareta Pettigrew, and the cover for Weavers looks fantastic. I’m still amazed at how well she picked up on what I wanted. Same with the chapter art – she’s doing woodcut style pictures for those.

I should be picking up the finished painting for the cover this Saturday. I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on it.

Should I give a sneak peek? Hell yeah, I should give a sneak peek. Text will be changing a bit but otherwise, here it is:

Cover proof for Weavers, Ages of the Seed vol 1. Oil on canvas by Mareta Pettigrew.
Cover proof for Weavers, Ages of the Seed vol 1. Original art by Mareta Pettigrew.

Help! I’ve edited and I can’t get up!

I’m editing and I can’t stop. NaNoWriMo is about getting new words on paper – not so much about fixing them. But I’m in a weird spot for the Seed project overall.

I started a new book for NaNo as they encourage but I finished it yesterday. For the project goals I need to return to the first book of the series (Weavers) and get it finished to 1st draft so I can get Early Reader feedback and get my illustrator the story she needs to create chapter art. That requires incorporating about 6.5k words of dialog (that is already written) into it so I’m editing and getting no word credits for NaNo.

My choices are start Unseen (vol 3) and smash through NaNo or keep on with Weavers to drive that to publication.

I was stressing about this over my coffee this morning and then it hit me. For the first time in a decade I have so much to write I don’t know what to write first.

And I smiled sooooo big.