Hunting Todd

This short was written and published in 2003 in a now-defunct horror zine. Hmm…hope that wasn’t my fault. Anywho, it has a multi-option ending that I really liked. Think “choose your own adventure” meets the Brothers Grimm. Part 1 is the common body and parts 2-4 are the different conclusions. Does Todd escape? Does Terry finally achieve his elusive goal? Only you can decide.

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The Somnolence of Clouds

This is an erotic short story from 2003. It came about from an argument with a friend over the difference between pornography and erotica. My argument was that erotica should not only titillate, it should entertain. If there’s no story there then it isn’t really erotic. I was challenged to show what I meant and this was the result.

Just in case it needs to be said, this story has explicit sexual content. Continue reading “The Somnolence of Clouds”